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Nature has always been my inspiration to create my work. I work with the general idea of nature as landscape and its relationship with human beings. I am drawn to the dialogue between smooth and rough, organic and geometric, natural and man-made. I work with clay-wood-metal-plaster-anything that allows me to engage with the object as a means to deliver feelings.


My art is not representative or subject-based, but instead talks about the natural and constructed world, the viewer, and the context. Sometime I try to choose a space with a specific environment to create my work.


Boxes for Discovery are one of my projects. It consists of many silver boxes in different sizes. All those boxes go with nature. My love of nature and space within a landscape has made me think of how I can define natural forms generally and specific to a site and environment. These geometric forms are the windows through which I can appreciate the more organic forms in nature (trees, rocks) and how these forms relate to the space around them.


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